Fitted for the carriage of 5.1 hazardous cargo. Hold strengthened for seel coils.

Built: 1992

DWAT: 2,225 tonnes

DWCC: 2,100 (summer), 2,050 (winter)

GT/NT: 1,382 / 794

LOA: 78.00m

Beam: 11.0m

Draft: 4.10m

Hold 1: 23.7 x 10.1 x 5.9m

Hold 2: 23.4 x 10.1 x 5.9m

Hatch 1: 23.7 x 7.8m

Hatch 2: 23.4 x 7.8m

Hatches: Chain Pull

Cubic(Grain): 103,119 cuft

Cubic(Bale): 99,517cuft

Ceiling: Steel (strengthened for steel coils)

Class: Lloyds

Flag: British

IMO: 5.1 hazardous cargo fitted

Main Engine: 748kW

Speed(Ballast): 9.0kn

Speed(Laden): 8.5kn

Consumption: 4.0mts/day

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(all details believed to be correct but given without guarantee)